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About Project

This condominium renovation project is a huge change from the before and after and the project was riddled with unforeseen issues. Going into the project, we already knew we were going to have a lot of ground water issues as this was already evident by the water in the pool basin when we did our initial site assessment. The renovation project included for the removal of all tiles from the entire area. Once the tile was removed and the shell of the pool was exposed, there were a number of big repairs that needed to be completed. The wall-floor transition around the inside perimeter of the pool was completely degraded. All of the loose concrete had to be removed and replaced. In 4-5 areas ground water was coming in through the shell. In many of these areas, a few layers of hydraulic cement was able to stop the water flow through the cracks, however in several areas where the cement would not work, we were able to utilize fibreglass to stop the leaks. The pool floor and deck were cut to allow for installation of new bottom drains on the pool and new piping back to the mechanical area. A new mechanical was installed, a full 25 year warranty waterproofing and tile installation on the pool deck, waterproofing and epoxy coating of the pool interior, as well as the large format tiles were installed on the walls and columns.
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