Outdoor Vinyl Pool – Up to 450 ft2 surface area (With Vinyl over steel benches, stairs or lounges)

About Project

Working outside the mold of contemporary design, these clients wanted a unique space that was warm, inviting, and built for entertaining. The grade change is approximately 3-4ft from the upper level around the back of the pool. - The stamped concrete patio is a distinct multi-colored mix that pulls in greys and beiges - The raised gardens accessed by stone steps on both sides of the pool are accentuated by a rainfall feature wall spilling into the deep end - In pool table and stools nestle into the shallow end with a curved bench along the back side - The pavilion was designed for outdoor time out of the sun, while the large patio allows for ample seating poolside - A raised deck off the house was added, matching the elevation on the right side of the yard - A truly unique space, matching the clients to a tee

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