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This project consisted of a complete backyard renovation that included a restoration of the existing pool, pool house, and patio. There were a number of key considerations from the initial onset of the project. For one, this property backed onto a forest. Hence, it was important that our designers meticulously selected materials and plants that blended seamlessly with the existing vegetation. Moreover, the site was in Brantford which is over an hour away from our shop. Consequently, we had to account for drive time in the planning process of tasks such as moving materials, coordinating subcontractors, and working hours. Lastly, the project began late in the year and continued over the course of the winter until conditions became unworkable. This meant that our teams had to work through cold, wet conditions and then pick up where they left off after the snow had melted. Once the project began, we started by removing the existing pavers and pool house structure. The foundation of the pool house was in good condition, and so we were able to build on top of this. Before we began rebuilding, we dug a series of trenches to locate and then update the existing pool lines and plumbing to current standards. An energy-efficient, automated equipment pad was installed, replacing the outdated, inefficient equipment. We broke drainage holes into the existing concrete base of the pool and added sub-drainage around the pool to alleviate groundwater. Natural stone was used for both the patio and pool coping to give the landscape an authentic, unique finish. A rock face edge was used for the pool coping to give a rough appearance as though the pool was made from nature itself. The existing water feature was in desperate need of an update as the rocks were weathered, discoloured, and disjointed. We completely rebuilt the structure, creating a 4-tiered waterfall using durable, natural stones. To finish the project, we added an outdoor kitchen and wood-burning fireplace under the pool house and mulched and planted the gardens. The property transformed from an outdated, tired landscape to a warm and inviting outdoor living space, ideal for entertaining guests all year round.
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