Backyard Pool & Spa Safety Rules – Water Safety Month

Backyard Pool & Spa Safety Rules

  • Stay within sight and reach of children in, on or near water at all times. Active adult supervision is the primary layer of safety.
  • Always watch children closely when they are playing with inflatable toys or swimming in lifejackets as these do not replace active adult supervision for safety.
  • Encourage swimming lessons and first aid instruction for all family members or guardians.
  • Restrict access to your backyard pool or spa and ensure that they four-sided barrier conforms to local by-laws.
  • Refrain from propping gates open, or disabling alarms on doors that connect to pools or spas.
  • Keep all chemicals products away from children and other unauthorized individuals.
  • Encourage walking only around the poolside. Running is prohibited.
  • Always swim with a “buddy” or with an adult supervisor.
  • Do not swim or soak if you have been drinking alcohol.
  • Drain all backyard wading pools after every use.
  • Never dive into a spa, an above ground pool, or the shallow end of any pool. Always enter pools feet first.
  • Do not use slides on above ground pools.
  • Establish a set of pool rules and ensure that everyone using your pool follows them.
  • In the event of an emergency, call 9-1-1.
Author: Tania

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