Mr. Sloan served the industry nationally as President of the trade association and a member of the manufacturers’ council.  He was a tireless supporter of marketing programs to promote the industry to the Canadian public through the national board, consumer publications and regional consumer pool shows. Mr. Sloan actively encouraged employees to serve at both the national and chapter level as well as on various committees.  During his time with Teledyne Laars, Waterpik, Jandy and finally Zodiac, Mr. Sloan spearheaded the drive for manufacturers to develop products suitable for the Canadian market and oversaw the introduction of many new technologies that are now everyday products.  He was a strong supporter of educational programs.  Mr. Sloan worked tirelessly representing the association during late eighties and nineties.  He fostered marketing programs that helped shape the Canadian pool distribution and retailing culture.  He was the recipient of the Industry Achievement Award in 2012.

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